Meal Plans

In order to meet your campus dining needs, we have designed the following meal plans for the 2015-2016 academic year. 


  • The Unlimited - Unlimited meals per week, includes NO declining balance.
  • The 15 - Any 15 meals per week, includes $200 in declining balance.
  • The 12 - Any 12 meals per week, includes $350 in declining balance.
  • The 10 - Any 10 meals per week, includes $450 in declining balance.
  • The 7 - Any 7 meals per week, includes $550 in declining balance.
  • The 30 Block - Any 30 meals per term, includes $750 in declining balance.

All students living in campus housing are required to be on a meal plan; meal plans are optional for all students living off campus or commuting. All First Year Students are required to be on The 15 Plan for Fall and Winter terms, during Spring Term they may choose The 12 Plan. The 10, 7, 30 Block and Unlimited Plans are not available to First Year Students

Upperclassmen living off campus may select the Non-Resident plan which provides $200 in declining balance or the Off Campus Block Plan with 20 meals per term and $100 extra in declining balance.

Download a copy of this year's contract here

Declining Balance - Yours to use like cash, declining balance or "DCB" can be used at any dining facility, the Bookstore's Convenience Store (for food & beverage only), the soda and snack vending machines accross campus and to purchase catering (see our catering page for an order form).

Guest Meals
All On-Campus Student Mealplans include 4 Guest Meals per Term.

Replacing Lost Student ID Cards
The Campus Safety Office issues all meal cards and replacement cards. You must present your card to gain access to resident dining facilities, or to purchase items in our retail operations. You may also use the card to purchase items from numerous vending machines on campus. Never lend your card or leave it where it might be picked up and used by someone else. Protect yourself by taking care of your card as you would cash or credit cards, and reporting it's loss immediately to the Campus Safety Office. Your card, the services it entitles you to, and the food you receive from its use are non-transferable.

Changing Meal Plans
Changes to your meal plan can only be made during the first FIVE BUSINESS DAYS of each trimester. Please come to Room 202 in the Reamer Campus Center to fill out a mealplan contract, and please remember to bring your ID Card.

Adding Cash to Declining Balance
You can add on to your Declining Balance account at any time by simply stopping into our office, Reamer 202, and filling out a form, please remember to bring your ID Card. Your balance will carry over from the fall and winter to the spring term, however, any remaining funds after the end of the spring term will be forfeited. For your convenience, you may add to your Declining Balance by Credit Card using our new service ManageMyID by clicking on the logo below: